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i'm supposed to be ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ we come from a sun we're lost out in the cold we fight for the light it's the only way we know i wanna find a better sun i wanna find a better shine ♪ ♪ i wanna find a better world i wanna find me a better life i wanna find a place to hide inside all the violence and the rage but the santa ana wind on a winter's day ♪ ♪ i can almost see the future i can almost see the blue sky ♪ ♪ in the middle of the day even though all hell is coming down around me now
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my santa ana wind made the clouds all go away ♪ >> jimmy: everclear's new album is called "invisible stars." you can see a bonus song at i want to thank trey parker and matt stone, adam scott. apologize to matt damon. thanks for watching. good night! @ñ
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a young man who traveledndsg peruvian a peruvian offering te guidance is under arrest. >> 18-year-old kyle nolan graduated from high school last year and traveled to south america by himself. when he didn't come home two weeks ago, his family set out to find him. ama dates is here with the story. >> carolyn, i spoke to his brother today, and he didn't want to talk on camera, but he told me his mother and sister are still in peru trying to
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figure out exactly what lead to kyle's death. the 18-year-old resident died at a spiritual retreat in peru three weeks ago. it happened after he ingested a hallunicogenic plant during a ritual. when nolan didn't return home his mother and sister made the trip south to find him. his mother spoke to the media about the search. >> no one has seen from him, no one has heard from him. he hasn't left peru yet left to immigration. it is he he has vanished. there is no sign of him anywhere. >> today peruvian police say this shaman has been arrested after confessing to burying nolan. two other men have been taken into custody accused of helping him dispose of nolan's body in the jungle. he lead authorities to the body and told officials nolan died after exceeding the dosage of the medicinal plant. according to the press democrat, nolan's parents knew he was going to peru to take part in the ritual. hallu hallunicogenic grew
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made from a south american vine used by amazon eight n indian people to heal people. word of nolan's death spread quickly. >> the whole community is grieving about it. >> lucas meyers is a senior in high school. it is the same school nolan graduated from. meyers found out about nolan's death through social media. >> his family posted about it. there was an rip column page on facebook. >> he says everybody is talking about what happened to nolan, even in school. >> we talked about it a little bit in class today. some of the teachers had him. uh -- a lot of people were sad. >> there was a football game, and it is clear that a lot of people knew kyle or his brother or sister and were shocked and saddened to hear of kyle's death. larry? the body of the four americans who died in benghazi, libya, are back on american soil. ambassador chris stevens from peaked moneyed -- from
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piedmont was among them. a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremonies at joint base andrews in maryland. president obama called the 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state clinton knew him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant. and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after tad's ceremonies the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher steven's funeral are pending. anti-american protests are spreading across the globe. demonstrations are on going in 30 countries right now. at least four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that
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insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from their site. thomas roman is live with the debate for us. thomas? >> president obama has deployed troops equiped in combat in libya and yemen to will worsen it will worsen in the coming day usa cross the middle east -- across the middle east after violence sparked by a youtube video some say should be sensorred. in more than 30 countries they are rioting and two more countries are under siege due to the video called the innocence of muslim. it has, spaed anti-american violence -- it has spawned anti-american violence. he is with cay california's yemeni youth for change. >> it was shameful, disrespectful and outrageous frankly. something like this is put out to represent any people. >> he viewed the video recently and agrees with the muslim argument for taking it off the web, but disagrees with the violent reaction it sparked. >> they wanted to defend
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islam, but what they did caused more harm to islam. as a muslim, i know that it is at the core that you do not harm anybody. argument aboutpeech sits at whether the video should be sensorred. friday the white house called the video uh ifen sigh and rep reprehensible and then sent a message to google. we reached out to call the video to their attention and asked them to review whether it violates their term of use. >> when the white house calls u about asks you about a video, it sends a certain message and has a chilling affect. >> eva is the international freedom of precious coordinator for san francisco's electronic frontier foundation. google has blocked the video in egypt, india, inindonesia and libya, but the idea that the u.s. could sensor it is problematic. >> they would have to demonstrate that the contents of the video or the message of the video was illegal in someway. and the first amendment is a strong stumbling block to that. >> google responded thatplied
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have complied with local laws rather than as a response to political pressure. google states, we restricted access such as in india and indonesia as well as libya andy jept given the sensitive situation in those countries. the man who made the anti-muslim video is a felon who was banned from using computers or the internet as part of a sentence. california's probation department is looking at whether he violated the terms of his violation. thomas roman. >> thank you. two u.s. marines are dead after a sustained attack in afghanistan. they were killed when the taliban launched an assault on the camp that is the main coalition base. five other marines were reportedly wounded in that assault. it damaged buildings, hangars and aircraft. it is the base where prince harry is stationed right now as a helicopter pilot. the attack may have targeted him. the taliban issued a statement g saying they were going to try to kidnap or kill him. the prince was on the base
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today, but was not injured. the san jose mercury news says a cal trans operator smoked marijuana before a near disaster at the south san francisco station. disembarking passengers jumped for their lives when a speeding bullet train barreled down on them on august 24th. they were legally crossing the tracks when the train going on the opposite track almost hit them. it was a close call and no one was hurt. cal trans says the engineer whose train was stopped at the station is the one who tested positive for marijuana after that incident. both engineers should have been in radio contact. they are both on paid administrative leave pending the results of a cal train investigation into what went wrong. a suspicious suitcase at a bus stop forced residents to shelter in place and it tied up traffic for hours late today. san jose police gave the all clear at 7:00 tonight after bomb technicians found
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no explosives in the abandoned suitcase. it was discovered near capital expressway. northbound and southbound traffic was blocked until the scene was rendered safe. in southern california tonight firefighters appear to be getting the upper hand on a wildfire burning in los angeles near the get tees center art museum. it is east of interstate 405 in the hills above sepulveda pass. two aircraft known as super scoopers dropped water on the flames. this fire broke out short low after 3:30 and quickly moved uphill toward a residential cul-de-sac in bel-air. no homes have been damaged though. the fire has charred about70 acres so far. we are learning more about the monterey man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body was found in san benito county. lawrence jones is in custody down in southern california. he is a professor at the naval postgraduate school in monterey. jones is the victim's ex-husband. she was still living with him. her body was left in a wooded area in san benito county.
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officers executed a search warrant at her home in monterey and determined she was killed there before her body was transported. a gritty oakland neighborhood plagued by prostitutes and johns is celebrating the closing of two motels notorious for their link to the sex trade. neighbors and merchants in that area are forming a new partnership with police. neighbors living around international boulevard gathered in solidarity to renew their commitment to keep hookers off their streets. firsty this got the city to shutdown the national lodge motel and the nearby economy en. now residents will send police the license plate numbers of johns cruising for prostitutes , and the city will send the car's registered owner a letter warning that prostitution is illegal. oakland's letters to johns campaign starts october 1st. >> right now i am mostly concerned with the rights of people who live in this neighborhood to walk their children to school in a safe, family friendly environment, where you don't have to walk by a 50-year-old man picking up a 15-year-old girl every
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day. the vigil for a 7-eleven clerk that was robbed and killed last weekend. >> what brought out so many people to remember a man most only knew as mo? >> and candlestick crackdown. extra san francisco police are doing to avoid scenes like this. >> and a scary sighting off the santa cruz coast. all of that, and then later on "nightline." >> i'm bill wier. coming up next, as the anti-american protests erupt, and the bodies return home, we will have the latest on the growing crisis, plus oprah and her tough talking
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[ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! looking at three robbers who shot a clerk. many in the community came out to remember a man they knew simply as mo.s live nick smith is live in mill pea diswith the story. nick? >> good evening. he was killed by a single gunshot. tonight members of the mill pea ties neighborhood came out to say they will not allow the community to become violent like other cities.
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>> it has just brought us closer together. >> a vigil for the 7-eleven clerk who was robbed and killed last saturday brought out people from all over mill pea ties. >> these people here tonight come together as a community. >> he was only the man they call mo in passing and feel connected to a violent loss that hit close to home and a need to bring those responsible to justice. >> man up and turn yourselves in. don't be hunted down like a dog. that doesn't make yit makes uh. it makes uh coward. >> mo was killed by three armed gunmen in this store. it was only two blocks from the police station. they posted details about the vigil on social media and suspect photos released by and pors were blown up and passed out. diana munoz has lived here most of her life. this is her first vigil, and she wants it to be her last. >> people would just rather kill somebody or knock an old
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lady or a man down, and rob them, and it just can't go on. it can't. >> police are actively investigating the homicide. they have not released any other details beyond the suspect photos. but those gathered here tonight are hoping an arrest is made soon. >> if you are man enough to do it, be man enough to admit it. >> there is a $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to t convic the conviction of those responsible. for more information you can go to our website at in mill pea ties, nick smith, abc news. >> thank you. well, you won't be able to judge a detroit lions fan by his color or a niners fan avoid to avoid any repeat of violence like this two summers ago at a game between the 9ers and the raiders, plain clothed police officers will be patrolling. outside they will be looking for scalpers and inside keeping an eye out for rowdy
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fans. two great white sharks were spotted off santa cruz county. the research foundation took these photos during an aerial patrol of the area. this shark 12 to 14 feet long was spotted near the concrete ship at sea cliff state beach. researchers say at one point they got so close to the marina you could almost touch. it the other great white was larger and about 16as set. it was spotted stalking dolphins off the beach. >> this is far enough off the beach obviously. so it is not an issue. it should be terrific beach weather. >> let's look at the weekend. >> it should be beautiful beach weather at least for your saturday. i want to show you a lovely picture. this was sent by brandy 29 via twitter. a view of the cirrus clouds. we had the high, thin whiskey clouds going through -- whispy clouds going through the bay area. we have the fog, and as you can see from the sutro camera,
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there is the san bruno mountain area, and the fog is rolling in and eventually becoming a little more widespread. let's check out live doppler 7hd. the fog did clear away from the coast briefly this afternoon. our high temperatures were in the upper 50s at the coast and the low 90s inland. we hillary run that for your saturday afternoon. the satellite picture is showing you a little hole in the fog here. just dryer air. but we do have the fog at the coastline, and you can certainly count on it heading in toward the morning hours. the temperatures at this hour are in the 50s and the 60s. here are the highlights. we are looking at fog near the coast and the bay. warm innd la tomorrow. and a cooler pattern begins on sunday. and it is going to keep on going. here is the water vapor imagery. we have this area of high pressure overhead, and that is what provided us with the warm weather inland today, and that also provided record heat to fresno. 106 today and also los angeles was a record high of 100 degrees today. we have a trough developing offshore, and this is going to be a key player in our
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forecast starting on sunday. cooling trend, and it runs right on through tuesday as the wind flows more off the ocean coming in toward the land. that ridge of high pressure will continue to weaken. today's high temperatures were down by a few degrees by the way except at the coastline. tomorrow morning they are coming down on the cool side. you might wan. bundle up. 49 in santa rosa, and 69 in antioch. most other areas in the 50s. the fog will start off the morning at 5:00 a.m. it is with us for a little bit. the first couple hours of the morning. and then pulls away. most of the bay area will enjoy sunshine. it is mild to warm weather. 90s inland. 60s coast side. it is going to be a wide range once again. our summertime microclimates. here are your highs. bay ines in tt san jose, cupertino, los gatos, 85. 76 in redwood city and 80 in loss altos. coastal areas in the low 60s. fog pulling away just enough for you to enjoy a little blue sky. downtown san francisco 65.
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63 in the sunset district. gets you into the north bay. and it is going to be a mild to warm day. 80 in santa rosa. 81 for napa. east bay, 71 in oakland, 78 castro valley. head inland and warm afternoon and 88 in concord and 91 in livermore. 66 degrees in monterey. a lot happening this weekend. i can't feature everything because my producer will kill me. harvest festival in pleasanton, clear and cool at 10:00 a.m. 62 degrees and warming up as the day goes on. by 6:00 it is pleasant weather if you are going there. 80 degrees. the high will be up in the upper 80s to the low 90s. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooler on sunday. and then dropping off early to middle of next week. mid80s inland, upper 50s to low 6ooks terrific. >> looks terrific. thanks, sandhya. >> thank you. up
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we want to thank all of you as part of the dream campaign. we are happy to report the number of donations have doubled. foster a dream says they are so overwhelming they almost ran out of warehouse space. and now it is time to give it
1:30 am
all away. tomorrow children will stop by the dream store and pick out everything they need. >> if i can say it without crying, thank you. it may seem like a pair of shoes or a new coat. it is something that belongs to them. >> hundreds of foster children will receive new clothes, new shoes and new backpacks filled with school supplies. >> they will be so happy. a solid gold jeweled encrusted eagle has landed. it is part of a b cancer charity fundraiser. the eagle known as the golden eagle is worth $5 million and arrived under armed police guard today. it is on display at john's grill on ellis street. the statue's owner plans to sell it and donate a million from the sale to breast cancer charities. you can view the eagle from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and sunday 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
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>> wow, must be heavy. >> i was going to say, it looks pretty heavy. don't get any ideas because the guards are right there. >> they sure are. >> sports. >> let's get to it. the giants are cruise together playoffs, but the a's will have to fight th openin in opening a key series with the or yells who were seeing double after this game. sports is next.
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the a's and/or yells are both -- and orioles are playoff contenders and it is star wars night. and wrist looks good there. a two-run and it is 2-1a's. solid all season and however, chris davis, what a stroke. deep to center field, and that is just gone. it ties the game at two apiece. a's are back in front and the pride of petaluma. a base hit to left and in comes adam rosales. a big night for the oakland defense. four double plays including
1:34 am
this one in the seventh. he hits it into the 6-4-3dtp. and more defense to end this game. they were pumped up. derrick norris and trying to ine 9th in front of a sellout crowd on fireworks night. the a's win it 3-2. they are two up in the wild card race. giants and diamondbacks, not the best way to get a foul ball, but effective. matt cane tw uncane-like. two strikeouts and five walks and three in the first. he lasted only five innings. hunter penz helping his teammates out. here it comes and there it goes with the bases loaded in the third. grand slam and that makes it 5-0g-men. giants get out of a bases loaded jam. he gets aaron hill swinging and matt cane is fired up. giants get one more run in the eighth and we show it to you because of the batter. it is santiago cassie yaw -- casia who never gets any at bats. giants win it 6-2. well, can you just imagine 49ers' coach jim harbaugh and
1:35 am
the lions' coach meeting at midfield and exchanging a warm, friendly hug? >> no. >> knee neither. me neither. as harbaugh put it, the whole handshake business is completely irrelevant. but it is still compelling for some reason. last year the niners bayett detroit and -- beat detroit and the shack and slap almost sparked a fight. even though the game will come down to how the niners try to stop calvin johnson or a million other football things, the handshake is a hot topic. >> have i seen him a bunch of times -- i have seen him a bunch of times since. there are a bunch of nfl things that go on after the season. when two teams take the field, that's not going to be on one player's mind. that's the only thing that is important. >> how did the handshakes go when you saw each other at those events? >> without incident. >> the cal football team has a huge task tomorrow. go to columbus and knockoff ohio state. they have been shaky. 16-point underdogs and they
1:36 am
will have to contain braxton miller, and while many see doom looming, he sees opportunity. >> fired up for it. fired up to go to columbus, play in that huge crowd and the tradition that is there. it is a great experience for the kids. >> and we will have that cal-ohio state game for you. it is 9:00 a.m. kickoff here on abc7. we will not forget stanford hosting sc in the afternoon down on the farm. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. you have your ticket? >> i got a ticket thanks to your mention last night. >> my on air begging? >> a good friend of mine came through. i got a ticket. >> free? >> well, no. >> are you going to pay? all right. how unusual. "nightline" is next. i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson.e mom dia
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single mom diane duncan struggle with weight loss. it's causing her serious health problems. diane is pre-diabetic and her cholesterol level is too high. i felt irresponsible because i need to be healthy for my daughter so i can be around a long time for her. diane needs to take off about thirty pounds and she feels like she's fighting an uphill battle. on a daily basis in particular around dinner time that's when it's just kind of a big panic for me. today ali vincent will help diane get her health and her life back on track.t's n let's go ten let's go ten more, come on. ♪ for several years diane duncan has been fighting and losing the battle of the bulge. she tips the scale at 174. about thirty pounds heavier than she'd like to be.
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i try and exercise a lot but when it comes to what i'm eating it's in particular around dinner time that's when it's just kind of a big panic for me. diane and her seven year old daughter madison have dinner out at least three times a week and when they do eat at home it's diane's microwave that gets a work out. a really bad tendency to do a lot of frozen foods, mac and cheese, burritos. when the doctors told diane she was pre-diabetic and needed to lower her cholesterol she realized it was time for some serious changes. it just made me really sad and being a single mom i felt irresponsible because i need to be healthy for my daughter. as a fan of the biggest loser diane followed ali vincent's weight loss journey; so when diane saw ali's facebook page and the invitation to join her on a hike in the foothills of los angeles she and her daughter jumped at the chance. my mom just asked me if i could come on a hike with her and i said sure.

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